Who are we?


Who are we?

Who are we

“From tradition to innovation, 50 years of a job well done”

The Bertolin Group is a family-run company working in the construction industry which specialises in all the activities and processes that derive from this sector and with its headquarters located at the Technological Park in Paterna, Valencia.


We have more than 50 years’ experience in the sector marked by reliability, quality and the capacity to successfully manage large-scale and complex projects.


Thanks to our experience, technical knowledge, and the implementation of innovative solutions, we are able to carry out projects that satisfy our clients and create value in our social environment.


Our primary objective is to exceed our clients’ expectations with a strong commitment to fulfilling all their requirements. This comes with our unique guarantee of quality and a personalised attention and continuous dedication that is second to none.


We are aware that the best services are only provided by the best people, which is why we have an excellent team of highly specialised professionals in all areas of construction. Our experts are skilled in the most innovative techniques available on the market, thus providing our clients with the added value of reliability, safety and professionalism in every project we undertake.


  1. 1960-1980

    The foundations of a solid track record

    The Bertolin brothers founded the company as a family business and originally called it Bertolin Constructions. Throughout those early years, the company operated solely as subcontractor to larger construction companies who commissioned them to conduct all types of building work. It was at this point that the identity of the company began to take shape: “High quality work delivered on time”.

  2. 1981-1990

    The tipping point that changed everything

    In 1982, the company reached an important milestone: a contract was signed with Hidroeléctrica Española to undertake the repair of its facilities that were damaged during the Valencia floods. Thanks to this contract, the company quadrupled its workforce from 30 to 130 workers.

  3. 1991-2000


    It was during the nineties that the company began to develop and consolidate its position and changed its original name to the Bertolin Group. From this point onwards, Bertolin began its transformation to a Contractor, a construction company working directly for developers.

    In the mid-1990s, the company embarked on a strategy of generating added value by promoting its own carpentry and ironwork workshops, warehouses of construction materials, as well as its own machinery and transport vehicles. The aim was to control the development and management of the construction process from start to finish so reducing the degree of uncertainty and risk for the customer. This enabled the company to deliver on its commitments in terms of timescale, costs and quality while undertaking its projects with maximum guarantees.

    All this was made possible thanks to the implementation of reinvestment policies.

  4. 2001-2010

    Expansion at a national level

    The company decided that it was time to expand its geographical scope and set up in the Central Zone (Madrid and surrounding areas), the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Aragon, Murcia and Andalusia.

    In 2007, in response to solid, steady growth, the Bertolin Group moved its corporate headquarters to a building in the Valencia Technology Park, designed to meet the needs of the entire team and business areas.

  5. 2011-2015

    New opportunities

    As part of its policy of expansion and diversification, the company added the restoration, rehabilitation and maintenance of all types of infrastructure to its portfolio. In addition, the Bertolin Group acquired its first agglomerate plant and a large fleet of machinery with the latest technological advances allowing it to open a new line of complementary business, positioning itself as an industry benchmark in the integrated maintenance of infrastructures.


    Meanwhile, given that the company trajectory had been characterized over many decades by direct proximity to the construction needs of its customers, an Integrated Project Management area was created, from where projects could be undertaken in an integrated way, that is, from their conception to their delivery. This allowed the company to tackle the generation of industrial, residential, and tertiary land from the outset, assuming the role of development agent and managing the urban planning procedures until the developed plots could be obtained. By coordinating the execution of building works with urban development works, the company could guarantee effective cost control, ensure deadlines were met and uncertainties in clients’ business plans reduced.

  6. 2016-Present

    Building the infrastructure of tomorrow

    Increasingly mobile and constantly evolving societies need transport solutions that are at the cutting edge and increasingly innovative, sustainable and efficient with appropriate infrastructure. In response to society’s demand for improvements in processes, technological advances, and quality of service, and as part of its R&D and innovation programme, the company is immersed in the development of new materials and products, and in the design of more efficient and sustainable processes that provide added value to its activity.

    The Bertolin Group also continues to work on operational and financial optimisation, identifying new areas of opportunity and implementing strategies and plans that place it in a solid, competitive position, capable of meeting current and future challenges and generating a positive impact on society.

Business areas


During our more than 50 years experience, construction is our main activity. This business line is focused on the execution of all types of projects both public and private, included into the following intervention lines:


We develop infrastructures projects, both in public and private area, that we can include in the following work typologies: urbanization, diverse infrastructures, bridges, hydraulics, maritims and environmentals.


Between the different industrial projects, both public and private, that we are carrying through, we can find: Ships with metal structures, prefabricated and industrial complexes and tertiary.


In the building area, Grupo Bertolín counts on the experience to build residential buildings, hotels and offices, malls, educative buildings, public health buildings and hospitals, sports buildings, as well as underground or not parkings. We also count on human teams and technical ways specialized in the execution of intervention in the heritage and complete rehabilitation or partial of historical buildings or special protection works.


This division can present the creation of industrial, residential or tertiary plot from the beginning, assuming the urbanist agent condition and all the urban processing coming with it, to the obtention of the urban plots.


Generally our services in this area include: actuations for ordinary conservation, improvement actuations and accident service.