Who are we


Who are we

Who are we

“From the tradition to the innovation, 50 years of well done constructions”

Grupo Bertolín is a family business dedicated to the construction sector and specialized in all activities and processes that come from this service area, with headquarters in the Technological Park of Paterna, València.


We have a career of more than 50 years of experience in the area made of seriousness, quality and the capacity to achieve successfully high important and complex projects.


Thanks to our experience, technical knowledge and to the implementation of innovative solutions, we accomplish projects that make our clients satisfied and that create value in our social environment.


Our main purpose is to satisfy our clients beyond their expectation, with the commitment of meeting the requirements, and with a quality guarantee that characterizes us, through a special attention and an ongoing dedication to them.


We are conscious that the best services are only provided with the best professionals, and for that reason, we count on an excellent professional team highly specialized in all the areas of the construction, experts in the most innovative skills existing in the market, and in this way providing value added on confidence, security and professionalism to our clients in each project we accomplish.


  1. 1960-1980

    The foundations of a strong career

    The Bertolín’s brothers found the family business, that at the beginning was called Construcciones Bertolín. During these first years, the company was only operating as a subcontracting business, its clients were building companies ordering the execution of a part of its construction, and were all types of works were accomplished. Here is where it started producing the main identity sign of the business: “quality work, achieving the agreed deadlines with the client”.

  2. 1981-1990

    The turning point that changes it all

    In 1982 an important landmark appeared in the history of the company: the signing of a contract with Hidroeléctrica Española to overcome the reparation of its damaged installations during Valencia’s flood. Thanks to this contract, the firm managed to quadruple the staff, increasing it from 30 to 130.

  3. 1991-2000

    The transformation

    It was during the 90s where the foundations started thanks to the consolidation and the definitive development of the company, changing its original name to Grupo Bertolín. Since then, it is when the transformation of the business started, it became a building company that directly works for the developers, becoming in this way a contractor.

    In the middle of the 90s, the business undertook an added value generation through which it drove its own carpentry and scrap metal studios, construction materials storehouse, and also the equipment and own transport vehicles, always with the aim to control the development and the management of the construction pocess to reduce the uncertainty thoughts and risks for the client and increase the reliability and accuracy in the compliance of its agreements in terms of deadlines, costs and quality, undertaking its projects with the best guarantees.

    All of this was possible thanks to the establishment of the reinvestment policy.

  4. 2001-2010

    The extension to a national level

    The company decides that it is time for extending its geographical area and sets up in the Central Area (Madrid and surroundings), Baleares, Cataluña, Aragón, Murcia and Andalucía.

    In the year 2007, as an answer to its solid and constant growth, Grupo Bertolín relocated its corporative headquarters to a building -in the Technological Park of Valencia– directed to satisfy all the team’s needs and business areas.

  5. 2011-2015

    New opportunities

    Within its expansion policy and activities diversification, the restauration, rehabilitation and maintenance of all types of infrastructures were added to the portfolio of the company. Moreover, Grupo Bertolín obtained its first fiber board floor and a large machinery park thanks to the last technological advances, that allowed him to open a new complementary business line to the main one, taking a stance as the referent in infrastructures’ comprehensive conservation.


    Furthermore, since its trajectory, and during a lot of decades, is characterized by a direct approach to the needs in the constructions and the demand in the management of the client’s projects, it creates the Integral projects management area, since where projects are undertaken in a complete way, that is to say, since its conception to its delivery. In this way, it presents the creation of the industrial, residential and tertiary ground from the beginning assuming the condition of urban agent and all that comes with the urban processing, to the obtention of the urbanized plots; and guaranteeing an effective control of the costs, the deadline’s compliance and reducing doubts about the business plan of its clients to coordinate the execution of the building works with those of urbanization.

  6. 2016-Now

    Building tomorrow’s infrastructures

    The businesses are always more and more mobile and in continuous evolution, they need transportation concepts that can be at the forefront and be each time more innovative, sustainable and efficient with suitable infrastructures.
    By answering this demand of improvement in the processes, technology advances and quality service in favor of the society, and in his I+D+i program, the company is find lost in the development of new materials and products, and in the design of more efficient processes that bring an added value to the activity, and that are sustainable at the same time.

    Grupo Bertolín in addition keeps working in the operative and financial optimization, identifying new opportunity areas and executing strategies and plans that will place it in a solid position, competitive and able to pay attention to the eventualities and current and future challenges that can appear, by generating a positive impact on the society.

Business areas


During our more than 50 years experience, construction is our main activity. This business line is focused on the execution of all types of projects both public and private, included into the following intervention lines:


We develop infrastructures projects, both in public and private area, that we can include in the following work typologies: urbanization, diverse infrastructures, bridges, hydraulics, maritims and environmentals.


Between the different industrial projects, both public and private, that we are carrying through, we can find: Ships with metal structures, prefabricated and industrial complexes and tertiary.


In the building area, Grupo Bertolín counts on the experience to build residential buildings, hotels and offices, malls, educative buildings, public health buildings and hospitals, sports buildings, as well as underground or not parkings. We also count on human teams and technical ways specialized in the execution of intervention in the heritage and complete rehabilitation or partial of historical buildings or special protection works.


This division can present the creation of industrial, residential or tertiary plot from the beginning, assuming the urbanist agent condition and all the urban processing coming with it, to the obtention of the urban plots.


Generally our services in this area include: actuations for ordinary conservation, improvement actuations and accident service.