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Privacy Policy

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Política de privacidad

Privacy Policy

1.1. Data processing Responsible’s Identification


The data given by the user will be processed to GRUPO BERTOLÍN, S.A.U. With registered office in Paterna, Valencia (46980) Ronda Guglielmo Marconi, 11 Parque Tecnológico and CIF A46092128 (hereinafter “Responsible”) with collected objectives in the following point. You can contact the responsible through our email address , or if you prefer, through our phone number: 96 384 12 34.

The address for complaints will be the same as the one indicated as the registered office of the company.


1.2. Data processing’s purpose


The present General conditions of use and browse (hereinafter “Conditions”), have a goal, which is to regulate the relationship between the web page owner, as a service provider, and the user that accede, browse and enjoy the offered service (hereinafter, called individually as “User” and collectively as “Users”).


Next, we offer details about data processing’s purpose that the Responsible carries through the web page; in spite of presenting the related information before collecting data

through the appropriate form/s.

1. Managing the applicant’s participation in the Responsible’s selection process.

1.1. Maintenance deadline: to the end of the related selection process. Afterwards, if necessary, the information will be kept during the legal deadlines.
1.2. Legal basis: applicant’s consent.

2. Answering the questions the applicant makes to the Responsible.

2.1. Conservation’s deadline: The data will be kept to answer the question made by the applicant. Later, if necessary, the information will be kept during the legal deadlines .
2.2. Legal basis: applicant’s consent.

3. To manage the applicant’s subscription in our news’ circular.

3.1. Conservation’s deadline: personal data are recorded while the applicant doesn’t revoke the given consent. Afterwards, if necessary, the information will be kept during the legal deadlines.
3.2. Legal basis: applicant’s consent.

1.3. Data recipient


The responsible hires third-party in charge of the treatment to provide a service. Basically, the Responsible has subscribed agreements with the following service suppliers:


-Microsoft as email supplier.
-Grupo Loading Systems S.L as a web hosting supplier.


Except the mentionned entities, your data won’t be given to other third-party people. If for any reason it was necessary to communicate those data to third-party, you will be informed before, and in this case, your consent will be needed and the purpose will be specified with the identity of the third-party that is going to have this information.


All this, except the cases in which a legal requirement obligates communicating those data to a third-party.

1.4. Rights


The people giving us these data enjoy the following rights according to:

a. Rights of access
b. Rights of rectification or cancellation c. Rights of limitation of treatment
d. Rights of portability
e. Rights of opposition
f. Rights of revokation


If you want to have more information about your rights, we suggest that you visit the website of Data Protection Spanish Agency.


The exercise of the rights will be possible sending an email to Specifying clearly the right you would like to exercise and bringing a copy of your ID to confirm your identification. You can also write a mail to the Responsible’s registered office that appears on the point 1 of the present Privacy Policy.


Moreover, we want to inform you of the possibility to present a complaint to the competent Control’s Authority, in this case, the Data Protection Spanish Agency, especially, in case you are not satisfied of your rights’ exercises. You can contact the Data Protection Spanish Agency through their phone numbers 901 100 099 and 912 663 517 or by visiting them to the address C/Jorge Juan, 6. 28001-Madrid.


1.5. Origin of the data


The totality of the data collected come from the interested party.