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Legal Notice

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Aviso Legal

Tratamiento de datos personales

1.1. Identifying Data


In compliance with the article 10 of Law 34/2002 of July 11, regarding information society and electronic commerce services, the following general information on this website (hereunder, the “Website”) provides:


–  Name and corporate name: GRUPO BERTOLIN, S.A.U.
–  Identity number or fiscal identification: A46092128
–  Residence or address: Ronda Guglielmo Marconi, 11 Parque Tecnológico, 46980 Paterna, Valencia.
–  Email address:
–  Contact telephone number: 963841234
–  Data of inscription in the public registery of commerce: [HOJA V-9710 TOMO 3384 FOLIO1]


1.2. General conditions of use


The purpose of these General Conditions of Use (hereinafter, the “Conditions”) is to regulate access to and use of the Website, as a service provider, and the users that acceed, browse and enjoy the offered service (hereinafter, called individually as “User” or collectively as “Users”).


The website gives the users general information about the website’s owner, of its services and activities (hereinafter: “Content”), all that according to these Conditions. Because it is a professional website, its containt is not directed to underage children.


If the user keeps surfing and using the services we offer through our Website, they accept openly the present use Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy.


The Website’s principal reserves the right to modify these Conditions at any moment and discretionarily, so we recommend the User to review them frequently.


1.3. Intellectual and Industrial Property


1.3.1. Content’s legal protection


The owner of the Website is also owner of the Intellectual and Industrial property exploitation of the Website including all the Contents and components of it (expository title, texts, images, audios and videos) available on the Website, as well as those on the third-party sites or because they are of its property or because he obtained convenient rights for its use. Likewise, the owner obtained convenient authorizations in relation to image rights of who appears on the Website.


Partial or total reproduction, copy or content distribution is forbidden, without the authorization of the owner. Under no circumstances the access and surfing of the User will be understood as a resignation, transmition, leave or complete cession of these rights of the Website’s owner. Furthermore, it is prohibited to modify, copy, reuse, take advantage of, reproduce, communicate publically, transmit, use, process or distribute in any way the total or part of the Content and elements of the Website for public or business goals, if you can’t count on an express and written consent of the owner.


Therefore, according to the last paragraph, the User will be able to, in addition to visualize the Contents and elements of a Website, create impressions, copies or downloads of it, when the use is exclusively aimed to its personal and private use.

It is also prohibited the use of the contact data of the owner (postal address, phone number, email address) to send any commercial communication, except if before it received the needed authorizations as specified in the applicable normative.


1.3.2. Brands and associated logotypes


The incorporated brands on the Website are the owners or third-party’s property, and they count on their authorization for their use on the Website.

It is prohibited for whoever surfs on the website to use these brands, logotypes or distinctive signs without the authorization of the owner or the use licence.

1.4. Responsibilities


1.4.1. Cancellation of the Webpage


The proper functionning of the Website depends on providers services businesses servers, connected through public or private communication infrastructures.


The owner of the website will do his best to guarantee the correct working of this one, however, it can’t guarantee the absence of interruptions for technical reasons to create reparation tasks, and/or maintenance or lack of coverage or mistakes in the teams and/or of the needed networks for data transmitions, that are out of control.


In this way, accessing to the Website can be affected for force majeur problems (unpredictable reasons and that planned or foreseeable, are unavoidable) as they are explained here enumerative but no restrictive:


a. Mistakes in phone or electric network supply,

b. Virus attacks to the servers supporting the Website,

c. Mistakes of the users in the Website’s access,

d. Fires, floods, earthquakes and other nature problems

e. Strikes or working conflicts,

f. Warlike conflicts and other force majeur situations


The owner of the Website is exonerated of any responsibility if these problems mentionned in the clause would happen.


1.4.2. User responsibility


The user will use the Website independently. Through an access to it, he must use it according to the written in the law and ethical codes that are applicable, as well as the contained conditions in this Use Conditions.


The incompletion of any of these included regulations in these Conditions or protected laws, will make responible the User facing the owner of the Website and/or facing third-party, for any damages that could be caused as a consequence of this incompletion, independently if it involves the completion of an illicit, an administrative sanction, a mistake or a crime and it will entitle the Website’s owner, in this case, require a responsibility in a civil, administrative, labor or penal area that could correspond.


1.4.3. Responsibility of the owner


The owner of the Website is not responsible of any damage caused to the User or Third-party as a consequence of an attributable completion to the User or of the variation in the User’s equipment.


Likewise, he won’t either be responsible of any illegitimate interruption through the use of computer virus or any other that could be its origin, the inappropriate use of the Website by the User or security mistakes because of the incorrect functionning if the terminal equipment used by the User.

1.5. Obligations of the user


The User cannot, at any moment modify, disrupt or cancel any data, information, content or element or content that is included on the Website.


The User will have to use the services available in a correct, fair and assiduous way. Under no circumstances, he will be authorized to spread content or racist propaganda, pornography, xenophobic or that more generally is defending criminal, violent or denigrating acts for the people and the fundamental rights.


The User can’t include software, virus, malwares or any other nocive agent for the computer systems that can damage the equipments or terminals of the company or of the other Users.


The User will be the only responsible of the damages that could happen for the incompletion of the conditions and obligations exposed to these Conditions.


It is prohibited for the User to transmit, include or spread advertisements of himself or third-party people through any other available way on our Website, if he didn’t obtain the owner’s express authorization.


1.6. Hyperlinks


The references that on the Website can be created in other third-party websites, will be less informative. The Website’s owner doesn’t develop or administrate those pages and he is not the owner of the Internet’s mentionned directions except if it is expressly specified. For that, he won’t be the responsible of the contents that are incorporated, not of the damages derivated of this access, and not of the created for the supplied services.


The website’s owner allows the establishing of links and hyperlinks from other web pages to the first page of this one, here is the address However, everyone wanting to create a link between his own websine and the Web Page will do it respecting the following conditions:


a. The web page where the link is created will not contain any data or illicit content, contrary to moral, to good habits, public order or any of the third-party Rights.

b. We won’t declare or let know that the Website’s owner authorized the link or has seen it befote, assuming and giving a recommandation in any way the offered services or declared in the website that links the website. We recommand that for the one surfind on the website to give special attention to the value and use of the information, content and services that exist on the linked sites.

c. The establishment of the link doesn’t involve, in any case, the existence of relationships between the Web Page’s owner and the website’s owner where this link is placed.


1.7. Personal Data Protection


The Web Page’s owner is commited to using the personal informations of the User in a conform way with the established in the current law. Specifically, he is commited in applying the written in the L.O. 3/2018, of the 5th of December, in the Personal Data Protection and Digital Rights Guarantee and General Data Protection 679/2016 of the 26th of April 2016.


Complete information about this matter can be found on our Privacy Policy.


1.8. Applicable Law


The established relations between the User and the Web Page owner, will be governed according to the established on the current law regarding the applicable normative and competent jurisdiction, being applicable the Spanish Juridical Code’s laws.


For the cases where a voluntary subjucation is possible to a determined status, the owner of the Web Page and the User, renouncing to any other jurisdiction, will be subjected to the Courts and Tribunals of Valencia’s city, except if the legislation would establish the contrary.