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Política de cookies

Personal data treatment

The user can enjoy this cookies policy, where he will find all the details about the cookies policy on our website. We advice the users to visit this cookies policy frequently, because it can be changed at any moment.

Treatment’s Responsible

GRUPO BERTOLIN S.A.U., C.I.F. A46092128 and registered office in Parque Technológico, Ronda Guglielmo Marconi, 11 46980 Paterna, (Valencia).

What are the cookies?

Cookies are small files installed in the user’s equipment when he goes on a website.

What are the different cookies?

The types of cookies used on the website are the following:

For and to what? Purpose and legitimization

The purpose of each cookie used are the following::

When? Conservation

Your personal data is kept meanwhile necessary to manage the purpose they were used for. In the case of some cookies need previous consent, the data will be kept while you don’t revoke the given consent.

Where? Communication

It is possible that the responsible needs to transfer its data to third- party, by using cookies, always with the goal to manage the purpose. If, for any reason, international transfers of data were happening outside of the European Union, you would be informed before and we would ask your consent.


You can allow or block the cookies, as well as cleaning his browser’s data from the browser you use. Check the options and instructions your browser offer. Keep in mind that, if you accept third-party cookies, you will have to cancel them from the browser’s options.

Rights and contact details

Right to withhold the consent at any moment. Right to access, rectification, portability and cancellation of the data, and of limitation and opposition to the treatment. Right to present a complaint to the control Authority ( if it considers that the treatment is not adjusted to the current normative.



Parque Tecnológico, Ronda Guglielmo Marconi, 11

46980 PATERNA (Valencia).



Information about cookies

Due to the effective date about the modification of the “Law about Society and Information Services” (LSSI) established by the Real Decreto 13/2012, it is an obligation to have the express consent of the user of all the websites that use dispensable cookies, before the browser.


Who is the responsible of the data?

There is a possibility that through a cookie all the users personal data are collected. The responsible of its collection and treatment is GRUPO BERTOLIN S.A.U entity, with fiscal identification code A46092128, and registered office in Parque Technológico, Ronda Guglielmo Marconi, 11- 46980 Paterna, (Valencia).


What are the cookies?

Cookies are small files installed in the user’s equipment when he goes on a website. They can, among other things, stock and get back information about the browsing’s habits of a user and his equipment and, depending on the information it contains and the way the equipment is used, depending on the cookies type and the information collected, they can be used to know the user.


Affected cookies by the normative and excluded cookies

According to the UE directive, the cookies that require the informed consent by the user are analitical, ads and affiliation cookies, except the technical and necessary one for the correct functionning of the website or the services benefit expressly requested by the user.

Types of cookies


a) According to the entity that manages cookies:


      • Own cookies: they are the one sent to the device or terminal of the user from an equipment or field, and they are managed by us, as owners and editors of this website.
      • Third-party cookies: they are the one sent to the device or terminal of the user from an equipment or field, that is not managed by us, but by a third-party that will process the obtained information through the cookies.


b) According to the conservation time


      • Session cookies: they are the one thak stock the data when the user accesses to the website and stop once the user goes out of it.
      • Permanent cookies: they are the one that have a determined duration for the responsible of the process. The conservation time can be a few minutes or several years. They are used to keep and recuperate some parameters each time the user visits the website.


c) According to its purpose:


      • Technical and funcional cookies: they are needed and strictly neccesary for the correct functionning of the website and using different options or services we offer. For example, those that are used for the session maintenance, the requesting time management, performance or options validation, using security elements, sharing content on the social networks, etc.
      • Personalized cookies: they permit the user to specify or perzonalize some characteristics of the website. For example, to define the language, regional configuration or the browser’s type.
      • Analytical cookies: they permit a follow-up and analysis of the user’s behavior on our website to create browsers’ profiles and be able to know the preferencies of the users. They are usually used to measure the user’s activity with a goal that is to improve the service we offer according to the results we obtain. For example, through an analytical cookie, we would control geographical areas with major interest for the users, what is the most popular product or service, etc.
      • Advertising cookies: they permit to manage advertising places on the websites.
      • Behavioral advertising cookies: they permit to manage advertising places on our website. The function of these cookies is to stock information about the users’ behavior on our website, to show, later, personalized advertisements.
      • Social cookies: they are created by social networks platforms in the services to permit sharing content with friends and networks. The social medias platforms have the capacity to follow the online activity except the services. This can affect the content and messages you see in other services you visit.
      • Affiliated cookies: they permit following the visits coming from other webs, the website establishes an affiliated contract with them (affiliation companies).
      • Security cookies: they stock coded information to avoid the recorded data to be vulnerable to malicious attacks by third-party.

What cookies do we use?


From this panel you will be able to configure the cookies that the website can install on his browser, except technical or functional cookies that are necessary for the browsing and the use of the different options or services offered. The selected cookies indicate that the user authorizes the installation on his browser and the process of the data according to the conditions written on the cookies Policy. The user can mark or unmark the selector depending on his wish to ACCEPT or DENY cookies’ installation.

We use the following cookies with specified purposes:


Resumen de privacidad

This website uses cookies to improve your experience while browsing the website. Except from these cookies, the cookies qualified as necessary are stocked on your browser, because they are essential for the functionning of basic funcitionalities of the website. We also use third-party cookies that help us analizing and understanding how to use the website. These cookies are stocked on your browser only with your consent. You have also the option to choose to not receive these cookies. But the voluntary exclusion of some of these cookies can affect your browsing's experience.

External supplier of the website: 
Google Analystics

How to disable or cancel cookies?


The responsible offers to the user the following configuration panel of the cookies. Thanks to this panel, the users can accept or deny all or part of the website’s cookies, individually or collectively

In the same way, the users can, at any moment, disable or cancel the cookies declared through the options configuration of the browser used on your device or terminal. The users must keep in mind that, if they deny or delete the browsing’s cookies for the website, we won’t be able to maintain your preferencies and some characteristics won’t be operative, so we won’t be able to offer personalized services and each time you browse on our website, we will be asking your authorization for the cookies use.

Below, we offer links where the user will find information about how to activate your preferencies o the main browsers:


Cookies configuration for Chrome
Cookies configuration for Mozilla Firefox
Cookies configuration for Internet Explorer
Cookies configuration for Safari


To whom is going to be communicated your data?


Generally, the collected data of the users through the proper cookies of this website, won’t be transferred to third-party.

However, on the occasion of third-party cookies, it is possible that the data collected are transferred out of the European Union, because of these cookies can be stocked outside of the European Economic Area.

These cookies that can be found outside of the EU are the following:


_ga: They are Google Analytics, you can see the Cookies Policy on the following link:

PHP: You can see the Cookies Policy on the following link:


Profile creation?


At the same time, we inform you that the responsible is not thinking about making any profiles’ creation with the collected data through the cookies used on the website.

If, in the future, it would happen, the users would be informed previously and we would ask your consent.


More information


If you have any question about how to use the cookies, and it is not answered in this Cookies Policy, please, send us your comment by email

If you need to have more information about cookies’ use with the websites, you can have a look at the Law 34/2002, 11th of July, of the society services, information and electronic business and the guide about the Use of Cookies published by the Data Protection Agency.

You can as well visit Your Online Choices portal where besides finding useful information, you will be able to configurate, supplier by supplier, your preferencies about the third-party advertisement cookies.