Our team


Our team

Our team

“When people around you share a passionate commitment

about a common purpose, everything is possible”. H. Schultz

Our team is, with no doubt, one of our most valuable differentiating factor, we are looking for their knowledge and learning, but also talent, attitude and effort.

We count on our multidisciplinary team of more than 200 professionals highly qualified, dinamics, proactives and commited, dedicated to the development of our activity, with abilities, skills and experiences to commit to all the challenges that are presented to us everyday, and that perform its functions in a complete collaborative work environment that at the same time constitutes a powerful competitive advantage for us.

Caracteristics and habilities of our team that assist the productivity and innovation


“A team composed of highly qualified professionals with a strong commitment and with values and corporative culture”


People define our staff


Years old average


Middle or higher grade


Have more than 10 years career in the company

Talent’s attraction and retention

Gaining our workers loyalty, keeping them motivated, happy and commited with the organization’s goals is our priority. We are not only looking for having satisfied clients, but also satisfying and looking after our closest collaborators because the progress and success of the company depends mostly on them. We are conscious that we can only offer the best service to the client if we rely on the best team.

We walk with our team during all his career by investing in formations that can benefit his personnal development and that at the same time improves his everyday’s performance functions.